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Teresa Rutherford

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Teresa has studied Organic Farm Management and Permaculture Design and, since starting Compost Happens in 2002, has been employed by local governments and private businesses in NSW to facilitate workshops.

Running a joint venture with Organic Food Gardens at Fagan Park Eco-Garden, she regularly worked amongst young people with disabilities as well as with women prisoners from Emu Plains Correctional Services Centre, involving them in composting and helping with the creation and construction of their own organic garden.

Teresa offers a wealth of experience in living with less chemicals having run her own chemical-free cleaning business. For a decade now she has been facilitating workshops to encourage participants to rethink their use of chemicals in the home; she offers alternative non-toxic cleaning products to make or buy, in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

Since 1998 Teresa has been involved in the Earth Works program to encourage people to rethink their attitudes and behaviors towards the environment; she takes the principals of sustainable living into schools and facilitates community workshops for ages ranging from kindergarten to senior citizens.

As part of the Education Team on Lord Howe Island for the Waste Minimisation Strategy commissioned by the LHI Board in 2000, Teresa spent five weeks on the island involved in workshops for residents, businesses and school children.

She co-managed the Eco-Garden at Kimbriki Waste and Recycling Disposal Centre in Terrey Hills, planning and organising workshops on all aspects of sustainable living for local schoolchildren and the public.

She is an avid supporter of environmental education for young people and believes our youth should learn how much safer it is, long term, to use chemical-free personal care

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James holds a Certificate in Horticulture, Certificate in Irrigation systems and a Permaculture design Certificate. He is a specialist in creating home vegetable gardens and consulting on permaculture solutions anywhere in Sydney, Hornsby and the Central Coast.

He is also the Director of Organic Food Gardens whose focus is helping people sustainably grow food where they live, building a healthy community in the process. Organic Food Gardens specialise in creating vegetable gardens to suit your special requirements, using the principles of permaculture and natural composting.

Using Permaculture to help vegetable garden owners take responsibility for production of their garden in their backyards and to help supplement their diets with real whole foods grown by them in a fully supported and natural way.

Wherever you are in Sydney or the Central Coast please contact us for any questions you might have on permaculture, vegetable gardens or composting.